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We carry some of the high-quality Compression Stockings which has helped many of our customers with various issues which were related to their legs and feet. If you are Googling for Oakville Compression Stocks or Compression Stockings in Oakville, then you have come to the right place.


You see, our legs and feet are two of the most used parts of our body. Given this, they are also two of the most important. The stress of everyday activity can take a toll on them over time, causing varicose veins, aching legs, or the gradual hardening of the fatty tissue below the skin, and other lymphatic and venous diseases. When calf muscles contract, they involve major veins in the leg, pushing the blood from the legs to the heart. A few companies have capitalized on this idea, the concept of increasing the circulation of the blood and providing less pressure on the lower leg and foot. Compression Stocking Therapy is one of the best solutions.

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When a person walks, the constant contraction and relaxation of the calf muscles around the veins are important to help circulate the blood to the heart. Our Compression Stocking supports the leg veins and increases blood circulation, reducing swelling and tired legs. These medical compression stockings also promise superior fit, excellent comfort and a therapeutic effect that suits most people, giving comfort and therapy while looking good.

Stockings suit almost everyone even men

Because of the wide range of sizes offered, most adults can wear these stockings. Most people assume that only those with arthritis or diabetes will benefit from them. Although true, everyone – from the active to those who stay at home – can benefit from the compression. For women who need to wear stockings anyway, there is not much to lose but so much more to gain. On top of looking good, their legs can be healthier in the process.


As people age, the veins in the legs will deteriorate and will not function as well as they used to. One thing that can result from this is deep vein thrombosis, the condition where clots form in the inner veins of the legs. These clots are potentially life-threatening on top of being painful.


The benefits of wearing Compression Stockings

If you have had them prescribed to you by your doctor, you will probably be acquainted with medical compression stockings of different varieties and also about their benefits.  More people should know about them as they have preventative qualities as well and can help with many different health problems that you may encounter.  While they are used to treat things like varicose veins, they can also prevent them.  If you have ever felt like you needed to get your throbbing feet elevated when you got home, you would benefit from looking into finding some support socks or support hose to ease the pain and discomfort.


And the more often you use them the better they do.  They can help to stop the backflow of blood in the legs which can damage the veins in the legs.  Eventually as we get older, we are more likely to experience these symptoms, and if you can do something about it, feel better and not suffer from having to sacrifice the looks, why not try it?  You will have more of a spring in your step.  Our compression stockings come in so many varieties, these companies now have everything from pneumatic compression stocking for more serious leg problems to thigh high compression stockings that look great.


If your work requires you to be in the same position for long periods or if you are on your feet all day long you will feel the difference from wearing compression garment, compression hose or some variety of this type of medical legwear.  They don’t just make your legs feel better; it will promote better blood flow to the heart.  It is a cycle; if your legs are hurting, you don’t feel like even walking sometimes.  This can lead to poor health and just make those leg problems even worse.  Medical doctors will prescribe high pressure stockings or anti embolism stocking for patients that have come to see them with more severe leg pain, but most of us will benefit from graduated compression stockings, support stockings or compression hosiery right now and perhaps delay or eliminate the more severe problems down the road.

Compression Stockings for Pregnant Females

For a lot of women pregnancy can be one of the most difficult times of their life. Because of this, pregnant women are always on the lookout for things that they can buy and companies are always trying to think up new things that they can make and sell them to make the process a little easier.

When carrying a baby inside you you’ll find that you’re putting a lot more weight on your legs and that walking becomes a lot more difficult, and many pregnant women complain of aching and tired legs. Luckily, there are some special compressions stockings that you can get that can help ease that pain.

This increased pain and tension can sometimes lead to or be the cause of varicose veins. This is bad news, since the effects are largely irreversible, and some vein damage is something that you really want to avoid. If you’ve ever heard a woman complain about their feet whilst pregnant, they may be suffering from this. Varicose veins are basically veins that have become stretched in order to work at a higher capacity to pump more blood through the legs.

So what can you do to prevent this from happening? The best way is to get yourself a pair (at least one) of compressions stockings. We carry high quality compression stockings which all come highly recommended.


So how do they actually work? What they do is they apply certain pressure to different parts of the leg so that the veins are supported and so that they don’t have to work so hard. The stockings press tightly against the leg. The aim is to open up the circulation in the veins as much as is (safely) possible so that blood clots don’t occur and so that the pressure on each vein is minimal. This might feel weird at first, but like most things you can get use to them fairly quickly. If you’ve ever seen the stockings that people wear when they go on airplanes – these are almost exactly the same.

To get the best use out of these compression stockings you need to wear them on an almost regular basis (so studies have shown). Several different styles and colours are available, and most women seem to prefer the skin coloured ones. In addition to getting a pair of stockings that looks nice, you also need to get the ones that support your legs properly, since there is different levels of ‘tightness’ that you can get. For a first time wearer it is often difficult to judge what you need, so it’s often best to pay a visit to your doctor before buying and to get him to recommend the best course of action to you.

Our compression stockings have helped many customers living in Oakville Ontario and surrounding areas. We have been providing compression stockings in Oakville for very long time. If you have any questions or need any other information. Please do give us a call.

The benefits of wearing Compression Stockings

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